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About us

The District Council has both feet in the neighborhood and among the residents; listens, thinks along and advises. The neighborhood council talks and consults with residents and residents’ groups, associations and institutions present within De Bunders, takes the lead itself or supports initiatives by neighborhood residents. This includes issues such as safety on the street, traffic safety, bicycle routes, parking, green areas, nuisance, litter, new developments in the neighborhood, etcetera.
The Wijkraad is the main point of contact for the municipality of Meierijstad for all matters that could affect the living and living climate in our neighbourhood. Twice a year a newsletter is distributed throughout the neighborhood to show what we are working on. We also communicate via news items on this website and on Facebook.

De Bunders district is by far the largest district in the Meierijstad municipality in terms of number of residents and number of homes. This does not make it easy to have an eye and an ear for everything that is going on in the neighbourhood. In order to ensure the greatest possible involvement of the district council with residents, four district councils operate under the umbrella of the De Bunders district council, namely: De Donken, De Laren, De Velden and De Weiden. If you have any questions or comments about the quality of life in your ward, you can contact the members of the ward council.

The district council team:

Janny Engelmoer, chairman
Theo Snelders, treasurer
Suzan Vos, part-time secretary
Anja Eerdmans, part-time secretary

De Velden
Jacques van Dijk
Arie Dijkhuizen
Ad Heerkens

De Laren
Theo Snelders
Jose van Diepen
Chris Croes

The Meadows
Mary Otjens
Susan Vos
Anja Eerdmans

De Donken
Coby Plug
Marnix Sandman
Janny Engelmoer


Some of the areas where we have been successful since our inception in 1996 include:

– The Skatepark Joep Lenders in the Bunderspark
– Survey ‘A healthy neighbourhood’
– Green renovation De Velden
– Project Kijkinmijnwijk
– Heibunders 1 neighborhood improvement (Gruttodonk and Kievietdonk)
– Heibunders 2 neighborhood improvement (Meeuwdonk and Partrijsdonk)
– Redevelopment Bundersweg
– Dredging project.

However, there are still a number of (major) issues that still require attention:

– Parking problems within the neighborhood in various places
– Dealing with the landscaping (tree felling)
– Proposed construction De Bunderse Hoek
– Decay shopping center De Bunders
– Nuisance (young people and litter)


From neigbourhood for neigborhood 

In order to represent the interests of the inhabitants of the former municipality of Veghel with regard to the living and living climate as best as possible, the village and district councils were established from 1994 onwards. As such, they represent the inhabitants of the parishes and neighborhoods of the former municipality of Veghel; now the municipality of Meierijstad. Neighborhood council De Bunders, founded in 1996, is just like the other village and district councils a foundation and therefore has no members. The district council works on the basis of notarized statutes and by-laws. In its contacts with the municipality, the district council is expected to speak on behalf of the residents of De Bunders.
The district council is the main point of contact for the municipality of Meierijstad for all matters that could affect the living and living climate in our district. The agreements regarding cooperation between the municipality and the village and district councils have been laid down in a covenant since 2002. In 2017, after a number of consultations between the municipality of Meierijstad and the chairmen of all district and village councils, a new covenant was drawn up. Work is also underway on a different form of subsidy provision to the village and district councils. A Core Group has been set up for this purpose, consisting of 1 or 2 representatives from the various district and village councils. For the time being, the subsidy provision for 2018 will not be changed and will remain as agreed, whereby it can be established that the De Bunders district council has not agreed with the subsidy amount, which is exactly the same for every district and village council of the former municipality of Veghel. No distinction is made between the size (number of inhabitants) of the various districts and villages.