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Frequently Asked Questions

The objective of the De Bunders District Council is to improve the living and living climate in De Bunders where possible and to prevent the district from deteriorating. Neighborhood council De Bunders has both feet in the neighbourhood, among the residents; listens, thinks along and advises. The District Council talks and consults with residents or takes the leada itself. The members of the District Council are the link between the residents and, among others, the Meierijstad Municipality.

If you are interested in being part of the district council team or if you would like to help with a specific project, please contact us via email: The District Council urgently needs more members!

For conflicts with neighbours, please contact the neighborhood mediation of the Municipality of Meierijstad by email:buurt If the District Council can help in a matter, this will be done through the neighborhood mediation.

The Wijkraad has very regular contact with the neighborhood advisor of the Meierijstad Municipality for Wijk De Bunders. The District Council can raise specific issues here and questions or requests can also be made from the Municipality side.

The Wijkraad reports all its activities on this website and via Facebook (